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Kathy Barnstorff
Langley Research Center, Hampton, Va.
Office: 757/864-9886/Cellular: 757/344-8511

Heather Overton
N.C. State Fair
Office: (919) 733-4216

RELEASE NO. 03-073

October 17, 2003


NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton will bring special technology demonstrations to the N.C. State Fair, which starts today in Raleigh.

NASA Langley serves a five-state region, including North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina West Virginia and Kentucky, for education and public outreach.

In addition to celebrating the 100th anniversary of powered flight that occurred in Kitty Hawk, NASA's N.C. State Fair displays showcase NASA Langley technologies that may soon improve people's daily lives.

NASA Langley's exhibit offers a hands-on, interactive experience and plenty of real-life NASA engineers and technicians to answer questions. One of the displays highlights a bio-feedback system that may soon help children with attention deficit disorder and adults with diabetes. The virtual reality technology was developed by NASA to test pilots. It allows users to "see" beneath their skin.

Another exhibit shows how NASA technology originally created to better understand airflow over airplane wings is now being used in an experimental portable fetal heart monitor that can relieve some of the worries of high-risk pregnancies.

Another NASA system on display not only improves digital photography, but also can be applied to medical and forensic imaging, aerial reconnaissance and technologies to improve visibility in foggy and smoky conditions. The Retinex image enhancement system automatically processes images to give them improved contrast, lightness, and sharpness. The technology was created by NASA to give pilots better visibility at night and in bad weather.

The N.C. State Fair runs from October 17-26, 2003.

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