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Kathy Barnstorff
Langley Research Center, Hampton, Va.
Office: 757/864-9886/Cellular: 757/344-8511

Nancy L. Smith
South Carolina State Fair, Columbia, SC
Office: 803/799-3387

RELEASE NO. 03-063

For Release: October 1, 2003


Volunteers from NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va., will bring a special celebration of the Centennial of Flight to this month's South Carolina State Fair in Columbia.

NASA Langley serves a five-state region, including South Carolina, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina and Kentucky, for education and public outreach.

To help commemorate 100 years of powered flight, NASA Langley – which was founded just fourteen years after the Wright Brothers' historic first flight – developed a special traveling exhibit.

"This is the first time NASA Langley has ever participated in the South Carolina State Fair," said Donna Lawson, NASA Langley's exhibits manager. "We're excited to have this opportunity to share Langley's 86-year history of achievements in aerospace technology with our neighbors. Our goal is to help inspire South Carolinians and others who attend the state fair to become part of the next generation of explorers."

NASA Langley's traveling exhibit will offer a hands-on, interactive experience and plenty of real-life NASA engineers and technicians to answer questions. Displays will chronicle the history of aviation from the first flight to space flight, present the latest in NASA research and highlight ground-breaking technologies that will change the future of aerospace.

Youngsters will be able to learn more about how a plane flies and aviation history with the help of an innovative story book exhibit, called F.A. Plane. Aviation enthusiasts of all ages will be able to see and "fly" a NASA flight technology demonstrator, a computer simulator similar to a future plane they may some day fly. Participants will even be able to take home a NASA souvenir in the form of posters, publications and education packets.

The South Carolina State Fair runs from October 2-12, 2003.

Photographs and interviews are available on request.

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