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RELEASE: 03-062

Sept. 9, 2003


NASA Langley's Center for Distance Learning, in partnership with the LifeLong Learning Society at Christopher Newport University (CNU), announces the continuation of NASA SPEAKS, a five-week series of presentations featuring researchers from the Aerospace Vehicle Systems Technology Office at NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton.

NASA SPEAKS begins Thursday, September 11, and continues through October 9, 2003. Held on Thursdays at 3 p.m., at Anderson Auditorium at CNU, the series is open to LifeLong Learning Society members, students and faculty of CNU. "Future of Flight" is the topic for the fall 2003 NASA Speaks program. Members of the Aerospace Vehicle Systems Technology Office (AVSTO) will look at how research conducted by NASA Langley and its partners help to enable a safer, more secure, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly air transportation system.

In coordination with the Vehicle Systems Program at NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC, AVSTO helps to lay the technology foundation for the future of flight. NASA and its industry and academic partners are developing and demonstrating advanced airframe technology concepts. Five vehicle sectors — Subsonic Transports, Supersonic Aircraft, Personal Air Vehicles, Runway Independent Aircraft, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles — provide a framework for researchers and analysts to guide technology investments. NASA conducts research and development in each of these vehicle sectors, a subset of which will be presented in the future of flight lecture series.

NASA SPEAKS is part of a continuing effort by NASA Langley Research Center's Office of Education and CNU to promote science, mathematics and technology education to learners of all ages.

For more information on NASA SPEAKS or to register, please contact Harla Sherwood at 757-864-5287 or the CNU LifeLong Learning Society at 757-594-7568. Visit

to find out more about CNU/NASA distance learning programs. Visit the Apple Learning Interchange web site at

for a web cast of the Future of Flight presentations.


Date: September 11, 2003
Speaker: Peter C. McHugh, FAA SATS Project Manager assigned to NASA Langley
Topic: The NASA and FAA Joint Project for a Small Aircraft Transportation System
Date: September 18, 2003


Dr. Barry S. Lazos, Flow Physics and Control Branch, NASA Langley
Topic: Applying Nature's Designs to Aeronautics: An Introduction to Biomimetics
Date: September 25, 2003
Speaker: Mark D. Moore, NASA Langley Research Center engineer and project manager
Topic: NASA's Personal Air Vehicle Exploration project
Date: October 2, 2003
Speaker: Joseph R. Chambers, retired NASA Langley engineer and project manager
Topic: NASA Langley Contributions to Current U.S. Military and Civilian Aircraft
Date: October 9, 2003
Speaker: Jeffrey A. Yetter, NASA Langley engineer and project manager
Topic: Topic: NASA's current work with Unmanned Air Vehicles



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