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Mimi Wortham-Brown
South Carolina Educational Television, S.C.
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RELEASE NO. 03-005

January 15, 2003


NASA and South Carolina Educational Television (SCETV) are joining forces to video-stream three educational TV series to classrooms in South Carolina and across the country.

Developed by NASA Langley’s Office of Education, the shows - "NASA Science Files,"™ and "NASA CONNECT"™ - enhance and enrich the learning of mathematics, science, and technology for students from grades three through 12. Almost 18,000 South Carolina educators, representing about one-half million South Carolina students, are registered users of these programs.

The third show -- "NASA's Destination Tomorrow" is designed for educators, parents and life-long learners. These NASA award-winning programs have never before been available on the Web.

Using SCETV facilities, the streaming video will be made accessible nationwide to schools through SCETV’s K-12 educational portal at

"NASA Science Files"™ is a research and standards-based, Emmy® Award-winning series of 60-minute programs for students grades 3-5. Shows are designed to introduce students to NASA and, through the use of science, mathematics and technology, motivate them to become critical thinkers and active problem solvers.

"NASA CONNECT"™ is a research and standards-based, Emmy® Award-winning series of mathematics-focused programs for students in grades 6-8. The series includes a broadcast designed to establish a connection between concepts taught in the classroom and those used by NASA researchers.

"NASA’s Destination Tomorrow"™ is a series of 30-minute television programs that focuses on NASA research, past, present and future. Designed for educators, parents and life-long learners, each program in this Emmy® Award-winning series follows a magazine-style format with segments running from 3-8 minutes.

To view NASA programming on the web via SCETV, visit

To learn more about NASA Education and other Distance Learning programming, visit



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