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For Release:   April 5, 2002

RELEASE: 02-026

NASA LIVE Gets in Sync with Educational Community

Complimenting its suite of award-winning instructional and educational programs, the NASA Langley Research Center’s Office of Education has launched its newest distance learning program – NASA LIVE: Learning through Interactive Videoconferencing Experiences.

NASA LIVE ( is a series of free, two-way videoconferencing programs designed to communicate NASA knowledge to pre-college, university, and adult learners, via interactive, virtual discussions with NASA researchers. Using the real time exchange of voice, video, and data, each 60-minute NASA LIVE videoconference features a 45-minute presentation and a 15-minute Q & A session.

In its first season, NASA Langley researchers, many of whom are professional members of the Hampton Roads section of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), will communicate NASA Langley knowledge to educators, students, faculty, AIAA student chapters, professional organizations, and life-long learners worldwide.

NASA LIVE offers an inexpensive way to communicate and explain to engineers, mathematicians, and scientists in the university community about NASA and what NASA is doing, explained Dr. Thomas E. Pinelli, NASA Langley’s Distance Learning Officer. "We wanted a mechanism that would increase Langley and university collaboration and allow students and faculty to learn about research, educational and professional opportunities," said Pinelli.

By making full use of an interactive, electronic learning environment, NASA Langley researchers and the university community can learn from each other. "NASA LIVE provides both students and educators a virtual, real-time environment where students can receive instant feedback to their questions from NASA Langley experts." says Katrina Townes, NASA LIVE program manager. "This is something that a textbook cannot offer."

NASA LIVE is available upon request. Interested parties can schedule a videoconference via the online registration form at For more information on NASA LIVE, contact Katrina Townes, program manager, at 757-864-3868 or at and visit to find out more about other NASA Langley’s distance learning programs.

Partial listing of 2001-2002 Topics for Pre-college and university level students, and lifelong learners:

Speaker: Michael J. Logan
Topic: Small Air Vehicles: What’s the Big Deal?

Speaker: Wendy Pennington
Topic: Flight Research: From Imagination to Realization

Speaker: Kenneth Wright
Topic: The Development of Virtual Facilities at NASA Langley Research Center

Speakers: Shelley Ferleman, Dave Reubush, Chuck Leonard, John Martin, and Jeff Robinson
Topic: An Overview of the Hyper-X Program

Speaker: John B. Anders
Topic: Biometitic Flight: Learning from Nature

Speaker: Linda Bangert
Topic: Overview of Quiet Aircraft Technology

Speaker: Dr. Bobby Braun
Topic: Planetary Exploration: Mars or Bust

Speaker: Rob Rivers
Topic: The Art and Science of Digital System Verification

Speaker: Tahani Amer
Topic: Thermal Measurement: Testing New Ground

Speaker: Dr. Paul Stackhouse
Topic: Surface Radiation

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