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RELEASE NO.  01-010  

For Release:   Feb. 5, 2001

NASA “Connects” with Teachers and Students

     Mention NASA and the immediate response is Space Shuttle or Space Station . . . astronauts or aeronautics . . . Mars or mission control. What is not yet an automatic response is that one of NASA's missions is education!

     NASA's Langley Research Center is producing award-winning educational programs for students, teachers, and life-long learners around the world. Designed to enhance math, science and technology concepts, Langley’'s Office of Education is employing distance learning to "connect" NASA research with standards of learning.

     Called NASA CONNECT, shows feature educators and students from across the country as well as international personalities. Recently, the CONNECT series was awarded a World Medal by the New York Festival for best children's program in the educational/instructional category. "Glow with the Flow" featuring martial arts star Jackie Chan and "3,2,1…Crash!" received Communicator Awards for on-camera talent and editing, respectively.

     The New York Festival honor is the latest in a series of accolades which include nods from Telecon 2000, regional Emmy awards, and a Gold Camera Award from the United States International Film and Video Festival.

     Since its inception in 1996, NASA CONNECT has reached close to eight million students worldwide and 150,000 teachers and parents are registered users.

     CONNECT's follow-on, the "Why?" Files, already boasts an audience of two million students and 100,000 registered educators. "Why?" Files received a third place award from the United States International Film and Television Festival as their first season blossomed.

     The "Why?" Files, a series of 60-minute instructional videos, includes four 15-minute "teachable" episodes that take students on virtual field trips to solve clues about NASA programs, projects, facilities and researchers.

     Programs are available via satellite, public broadcasting stations and NASA's learning technologies channel at <>.

Upcoming Shows:

Feb. 14:  ""Why?"" Files: The Case of the Electrical Mystery

The series detectives use what they learn about electrical current and power distribution to solve the case of why the electricity is on in their tree house but off in the houses across the street.

Feb. 15:  NASA CONNECT: Wired for Space featuring NASCAR’'s Jeff Gordon

Without the aid of fuel, NASA researchers are developing new ways to propel a spacecraft already in orbit.

NOTE TO EDITORS: Interviews are available with CONNECT producer and co-host Jennifer Pulley, Why? Files staff, Langley researchers, registered teachers and selected students.

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