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H. Keith Henry
NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA
(757) 864-6120

Doug Juanarena
Luna Technologies
(540) 557-5730

RELEASE NO. 01-007

For Release: Feb. 6, 2001

NASA licenses telecommunications testing technology

     NASA technology that promises to reduce the cost of testing sophisticated telecommunications equipment has been licensed to Luna Technologies, Blacksburg, VA.

     The technology was originally developed by aerospace researchers at NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA.

     The innovation is expected to result in a universal optical tester that can quickly verify all optical qualities of components in a fiber optic network. Such a tester will replace several pieces of existing equipment. Its speed and multiple application are expected to result in significant savings to optical component and systems manufacturers.

     Called the "Fiber Dispersion Measurement System," the technology works by measuring the impact of interference phenomena on signal dispersion. A component can be measured in about 30 seconds versus 20 minutes using the best technology available today. These improved measurements will also allow systems designers to expand the bit-rate capacity of optical components and ultimately reduce bandwidth cost to consumers.

     Luna learned about this technology through the Hampton Roads Technology Incubator program.

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