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NASA technology ‘portal’ opens
     Even though you can't test drive the space shuttle, NASA would like to help everyone understand, use and benefit from its knowledge of technologies like those that help it fly.

     That's the goal behind one of NASA's new endeavors, the NASA Technology Portal -- on the world wide web at:

     This portal offers a look into the core of NASA's technology programs. It offers news about NASA technologies with commercial potential, how to take advantage of them and opportunities to partner with NASA and solve aerospace problems with technology.

     The idea to link NASA's technology development activities and needs in one website came from Greg Reck, Deputy Associate Administrator of NASA's Office of Aerospace Technology.

     "NASA has wanted to broaden the understanding of its technology programs and encourage greater public participation for some time," said Reck.

     Currently, the site connects most of NASA's technology development programs and needs. In the future, Reck envisions that it will be expanded to include all of them. "In the very near future, people who want to work with NASA, sell their work to NASA, use NASA technology for commercial applications, or who just want to know what NASA is doing will be able to find out exactly how to do just that within a few mouse clicks," said Reck.

     The NASA technology portal was designed and developed over nearly ten months at the NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va. The Langley designers will also maintain the site, providing continual updates of the status of NASA technology-development projects and the commercial opportunities they present.

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