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Lauren Williams
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For Release: October 6, 1999

RELEASE NO. 99-073

NASA Langley grants innovative small business awards

NASA Langley has awarded increased funding to 12 companies for small business projects as part of the NASA Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Program.

The SBIR program is designed to stimulate technological innovation in the private sector and to strengthen the role of small business concerns in meeting federal research and development needs. This program hopes to increase the commercial application of these research results.

Langley awarded 12 of 103 proposals granted by the agency for continuing research in the second phase of the program. Selection criteria for the proposals included technical merit and innovation, Phase I results, value to NASA, commercial potential, and company capabilities. Each had merit for further research in the second phase of the program where they will receive a longer contract and more funding.

Langley's companies and research proposals:

  • Eikos, L.L.C.,
    Franklin, Mass.
    Low viscosity PETI-5 for RTM/RFI processing
  • Global Aircraft Corp
    Starksville, Miss.
    A low-noise 3-blade composite propeller for general aviation aircraft
  • Vision Micro Design Inc.
    Bellingham, Wash.
    Low cost design & manufacturing of GA cockpit displays using projection LCDs
  • JMSI, Inc.
    Lyndhurst, N.J.
    Query-based post-processing and visualization of complex CFD data using extracts and feature detection
  • Analytical Services & Materials, Inc.
    Hampton, Va.
    Unified process management system for computational fluid dynamics
  • Coherent Technologies, Inc
    Lafayette, Colo.
    Elevated operational temperature, passively-cooled laser diode arrays for spaceborne sensors
  • Q-Peak, Inc
    Bedford, Mass.
    A highly efficient diode-pumped laser
  • TRS Ceramics, Inc
    State College, Pa.
    Single crystal piezoelectrics for cryogenic actuators
  • k Technology Corp.
    Fort Washington, Pa.
    High conductivity flexible thermal strap
  • Lasson Technologies, Inc
    Pacific Palisades, Calf.
    Improved laser ultrasonic receiver for nondestructive evaluation of aerospace materials and structures
  • Magnesensors, Inc
    San Diego, Calf.
    Quantitative nondestructive evaluation of aerostructures using new high temperature SQUID sensors
  • Triton Systems, Inc
    Chelmsford, Mass.
    A novel tear resistant technology for thin film membrane applications

Langley's 12 projects have a total value of $7 million. The agency wide selected projects have a total value of approximately $62 million and will be conducted by 90 small, high-technology firms in 27 states. The SBIR program provides the opportunity for small businesses to submit proposals in various research areas each year. In Phase I, companies whose proposals are chosen in a NASA-wide selection process are awarded a 6-month contract to conduct initial research and feasibility studies. At the end of this period, the companies submit a Phase II proposal for up to two years of additional research and development. Companies whose proposals are chosen in this NASA-wide selection process are awarded a two-year contract to complete the work

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