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For Release: June 29, 1998

Catherine E. Watson
Phone: 864-6122

Dr. Shelley Canright
Phone: 864-3313

Release No. 98-031

NASA Trains Math and Science Teachers Using Hands-On Workshops

Twenty-five elementary school teachers from around the U.S. have come to NASA Langley to complete a 10-day honors workshop sponsored by NASA and the National Science Teachers Association.

Each teacher successfully competed with hundreds of other educators for one of only 25 spots in the NASA Educational Workshop for Elementary School Teachers (NEWEST). Nearly 100 other elementary educators are attending similar workshops at four other NASA centers across the nation.

The NEWEST program was designed in the wake of a national study that indicated if students had not developed an interest in math or science by the third grade, their chances of doing so decreased over time. The NEWEST program was created to encourage students' enthusiasm for math and science by engaging their teachers in an exciting program that can be easily transferred across the elementary curriculum.

The NEWEST program is a unique combination of scientific and technological information, and hands-on experience. During the two-week workshop, teachers will learn about the latest NASA projects; visit NASA facilities; attend seminars by NASA researchers, engineers and technicians; and study topics ranging from aeronautics to interplanetary exploration. A portion of the program is devoted to NEWEST Sharing, in which teachers share ideas and strategies for translating their experiences into invaluable classroom material.

Educators are encouraged to spread their new-found knowledge beyond the classroom to other educators and to their community, yielding a heightened awareness of the importance of a strong math and science base in our increasingly technological world.

Photo and interview opportunities are available.

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