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For release: August 12, 1997

Keith Henry

NASA Langley Research Center

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Meghan Woodcock

NASA Langley Research Center

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Dave Eastman

The Boeing Company

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RELEASE NO. 97-096

Note to Editors:

August 13 event in California:

Boeing Names New Airplane Wing Composites Development Center

Boeing is naming a revolutionary new airplane wing construction center after a NASA Langley retiree whose work led to its development. The new center will house the 75-foot long Advanced Stitching Machine that sews together fabric panels at a rate of 3200 stitches per minute to create the "preform" of a composite wing. The machine, built under the NASA Advanced Composites Technology (ACT) program, is an important part of the stitched/resin film infusion process. This new composite wing manufacturing process is expected to change the way aircraft wings are constructed in the near future.

A demonstration of the stitching machine will take place Wednesday, Aug. 13 at the Boeing Stitched Composites Development Center, Bldg. 46, 5301 Bolsa Ave., Huntington Beach, CA. Registration lasts from 9 to 9:30 a.m. in the lobby of Bldg. 14.

NASA Langley retiree John Davis, former head of the ACT program, and Doug Dwoyer, Director for Research and Technology Group, will be among the featured

speakers to present an overview of NASA's ACT program. Grace Robertson, Vice President-General Manager of Advanced Transport Aircraft Systems and Gerry Janicki, Director of Assessment, Planning and Operations at Boeing, will provide remarks on the stitching facility. Allen Penton, Manager for the ACT Wing Program at Boeing will also give a short presentation on NASA's Advanced Stitching Machine.

Boeing will then officially dedicate the composites development center to NASA Langley retiree Marvin B. Dow. Dow spearheaded the development of the stitching machine. He is the first NASA employee to be honored in the naming of a corporate facility. Mr. Dow currently serves NASA Langley as a Distinguished Research Associate.

Please contact Dave Eastman at 562-496-5132 for more information on the demonstration in California.

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