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For Release: Aug. 2, 1997

Keith Henry
Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA
Phone: 757/864-6120/24

RELEASE NO. 97-084


John F. Sheehan, President of Business Development Systems, Inc., has been named as executive director of the newly established AGATE Alliance Association, Inc. (AAAI).

AAII is a non-profit organization, established by the industry members of the Advanced General Aviation Transport Experiments (AGATE) Alliance as a means for conducting administrative and managerial business. The organization was created by the AGATE Executive Council in Hampton, VA, in December, to provide the AGATE Alliance with greater flexibility.

The AAAI office became fully staffed and operational on April 1, 1997, with Paul Masson serving as interim executive director. Masson will continue to serve AAAI as facilitator.

Sheehan, a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and the Defense Systems Management College, is a professional aviator with a strong project management, research and technology background.

"AGATE is one of the most exciting programs that has come along in a long time," Sheehan said. "Its goals of revitalizing the general aviation industry and reinventing the way government and industry do business is like a breath of fresh air. As executive director of the AGATE Alliance Association, I am very impressed by the active role industry has taken in the running of the alliance. Our partnering with both NASA and the FAA is evident in every meeting. Decisions in this program are made by the team."

AAAI provides the AGATE Alliance with a variety of research program services including legal advice, audit support and facilitation management. AAAI also helps with newsletters, providing for meetings, membership information, and archival storage of data and information. AAAI offices are located at 3217 N. Armistead Ave., Suite M, Hampton, VA, and the office staff can be reached by phone at 757/766-7512 or fax at 757/766-2299.

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