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Release No. 96-153

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NASA Langley Story Opportunities - September

NASA Langley To Market Technologies At EXPOTECH '96. NASA Langley has joined with other area technology-based organizations to support EXPOTECH '96, the Virginia Peninsula's trade and technology show set for Sept. 10-11 in the Hampton Coliseum. Langley representatives will be present to explain promising new technologies and their marketing potential. EXPOTECH was created to stimulate and encourage commercialization of developing technology and is coordinated by the Peninsula Advanced Technology Center.


Periodontal Structures device for detecting the onset of gum disease.

Affordable Technology to Link America's Schools (ATLAS) will provide school systems affordable, low-cost solutions for access to the information superhighway.

Thermal Bond Inspection System for use with structures and materials to detect defects, measure thickness or monitor the fabrication process.

Rotating Self-Nulling Eddy Current Probe for detection of fatigue cracks under rivet heads.

LaRC RP 46 high temperature polyimide resin composite for easy-to-use application to improve adhesives, printed circuit boards and foams.

Next Generation Molded Magnets technology offers potential for low-cost, easier-to- manufacture magnets that are resistant to thermal shock.

PUBLIC AFFAIRS CONTACT: Keith Henry (757) 864-6120

Testing High Temperature Superconductors in Space. Since the discovery of high temperature superconductor (HTS) materials in 1986, there has been no data to support their use in space. In spacecraft, HTS could reduce power and thermal requirements, thus reducing the size of the spacecraft. The Materials In Devices As Superconductors (MIDAS) experiment will evaluate the electrical properties of multiple HTS specimens while aboard the Russian space station Mir. MIDAS will be taken to Mir aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis (STS-79) in September. For approximately 90 days, MIDAS will test HTS samples from NASA Langley, the Moscow Institute of Electronic Equipment (MIEE), and the Eaton Corp., Milwaukee, Wisc. Interviews, photo, illustration and video are available.
PUBLIC AFFAIRS CONTACT: Catherine E. Watson (757) 864-6122

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