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For Release: March 18, 1996

Beth Schmid
Headquarters, Washington, DC
(202) 358-1600

Keith Henry
NASA Langley Research Center
(804) 864-6120/4

Release No. 96-020


Hampton Roads news media may participate in the NASA Headquarters budget briefing Tuesday via the Newsroom at NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton.

The briefing on NASA's fiscal year 1997 budget request will be held at 3:30 p.m. EST at NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC. NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin will present the Agency's budget request and answer questions.

It is expected that local Hampton Roads news media will be able to ask questions by phone. Details regarding center funding are always sketchy at this point, but NASA Langley spokesmen will be available following the briefing to answer additional budget-related questions.

A summary of the budget request will be distributed to news media at the beginning of the briefing.

The NASA Langley Newsroom is in Room 132 of Building 1202, North Dryden St. Enter at the right front corner of the building.

The briefing will be carried live on NASA Television on Spacenet 2, transponder 5, channel 9, C-Band, located at 69 degrees West longitude, with horizontal polarization. The frequency is 3880.0 megahertz, with audio on 6.8 megahertz.


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