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For release: June 12, 1996

Michael Finneran
(804) 864-6121

RELEASE NO. 96-046


Lockheed Martin Engineering and Sciences Co. has been awarded a 4.25-year, $51.6 million contract to provide research services to NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va.

The contract covers a requirement that will decrease steadily over the life of the contract to zero by the end of fiscal 2000. At that point a new contract will not be needed.

About 250 employees will be on the contract when it begins July 1, 1996, a number that will be reduced by roughly 20 percent each year.

The contract will provide an array of research to the seven divisions of NASA Langley's Research and Technology Group.

The technical disciplines include aeronautics and aerothermodynamics research, including gas dynamics research, aerodynamics research and technology development, and fluid mechanics and acoustics research; structures and materials research and technology development; and flight systems research, including flight dynamics, guidance and control research and technology development, and information and electromagnetic systems research and technology development.

The base period of performance is 12 months, starting July 1, 1996. Two options would extend the performance period by 12 months, and a third for an another 15 months, for a maximum total period of performance of 51 months.

Lockheed Martin was one of two companies that bid on the contract. Lockheed held the contract previously.

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