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Virginia Beach City Public Schools, Virginia Beach, Va.
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RELEASE : 06-020
Students Present Plans for Colonizing the Moon to NASA Scientists

Three months after their initial meeting with NASA scientists, 110 students from First Colonial High School’s Legal Studies Academy, Virginia Beach, Va., are ready to present their travel plans for a trip to the moon.

The students will visit NASA’s Langley Research Center, Hampton, Va., at 8:45 a.m. on Wednesday, March 8, to unveil their plans for developing a lunar settlement with NASA engineers.

Media are invited to attend the student presentations March 8. To arrange for entry onto the center, please contact Patrick Lorentz at 864-8150 by 4 p.m. March 7.

Last December, NASA researchers hosted a Space Law Seminar for the Legal Studies Academy (LSA) students at First Colonial High School. During this seminar, the students received information on space exploration and space law. Their assignment for the next two months – to develop a lunar settlement keeping all of these factors in mind.

Through this project, the students learned about astrolaw and the challenges humans will face when living and working in space environments. They determined the best sites for a colony on the surface of the moon and considered how to design and construct the colony.

The LSA is one of seven school-within-a-school academy programs in Virginia Beach high schools. It provides students who have an interest in the law, law-related fields and legal and ethical issues the opportunity to extend their knowledge beyond the typical high school program and prepare them for career exploration within legal studies.

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