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RELEASE : 05-066
NASA Awards Hypersonic Development Contract

NASA announced today that GASL, Inc., Ronkonkoma, N.Y., received a follow on contract for hypersonic propulsion development and testing to support the agency's Langley Research Center, Hypersonic Air Breathing Propulsion Branch, Hampton, Va. The contract has a maximum value of $15 million.

The work under the contract provides for the operation and application of shock-heated and combustion-heated test facilities. It also provides for supporting equipment to conduct test and evaluation of hypersonic aero-propulsion flow path research at conditions that duplicate flight across the atmosphere from static sea level to near orbital.

Specifically, as part of this activity, is the operation and management of the government-furnished Hypersonic Pulse Facility in either shock-expansion tunnel, or reflected shock tunnel configurations; the acquisition of facility and propulsion flow path data and the application of data processing tools to provide well defined test conditions and performance of test articles.

The contract also calls for the conduct of hypervelocity aerodynamic and aero-thermodynamic research in a shock-heated tunnel at test gas flows up to Mach 20 simulation; the design and manufacture of research test hardware consisting of specialized aero-propulsion test facility components and engine flow path components. The research will be primarily conducted at GASL facilities in Ronkonkoma.


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