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RELEASE : 05-016
Willshire Heads Local FAA Office

Dr. Kelli F. Willshire has been named manager of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Research and Development Field Office at NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va.

Dr. Kelli F. Willshire

Image to left: Dr. Kelli F. Willshire

The field office provides technical coordination for joint and cooperative research projects at NASA centers for application to FAA needs, The office also monitors and participates in FAA relevant research activities using NASA facilities. In addition, it identifies and facilitates the transfer of significant NASA research and technology to meet the operational needs of the FAA.

Dr. Willshire has worked at NASA Langley since 1979 in a variety of research and management positions. She started her career as a researcher in aircraft noise, studying how that noise affects the community.

She moved on to research space habitability, human factors, and automation/robotics for Space Station and was involved in systems engineering design of initial space station concepts. Following that, she conducted research in automation and robotics and later became responsible for managing other areas of advanced space technology development.

Within NASA's aeronautics program, Dr. Willshire managed the Terminal Area Productivity project, a research and development project at Langley and NASA Ames Research Center in California to increase throughput within 200 miles of airports.

Later, she headed the Crew/Vehicle Integration Branch in the Airborne Systems group at Langley. In this position, she managed researchers in developing advanced concepts for flight decks and airspace operations focused on safety and capacity.

Most recently, Dr. Willshire was the manager of a new Langley human resources process, called the Research and Development Classification Process. She ran and improved this peer review process to determine appropriate grade/pay-levels for the majority of the research scientists and engineers, about 780 people, at Langley.

Dr. Willshire's educational background is in human factors. She holds a doctorate in industrial engineering from North Carolina State University and a Master of Science degree in engineering psychology from the Georgia Institute of Technology. For both degrees, she minored in acoustics.

She is a member of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, a former adjunct professor for George Washington University and Old Dominion University, and has authored several publications.

She and her husband, Bill, who is a NASA program manager, live in Poquoson, Va., with their eight-year old son, Paul. They enjoy spending their rare free time sailing on the Chesapeake Bay and elsewhere.


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