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October 1999

NASA Langley Research Center Facilities Offer Unique National Capability

NASA Langley's specialized research facilities enable the center to perform world-class research in aeronautics, atmospheric sciences and space technology. Langley's wind tunnels allow engineers to conduct testing that encompasses the entire speed range from 0 mph to nearly Mach 25, or approximately 17,500 mph. Some of these tunnels are unique to the Nation, including the National Transonic Facility, the Transonic Dynamics Tunnel, the 8-Foot High Temperature Tunnel and the Supersonic Low Disturbance Tunnel. Other NASA Langley facilities support structures, materials, flight simulation and electronics research. These critical facilities contribute to the well-being of the American people, the national air transportation system and the U.S. economy.

Langley Wind Tunnels

  • National Transonic Facility
  • Transonic Dynamics Tunnel
  • 14 x 22-Foot Subsonic Tunnel
  • 16-Foot Transonic Tunnel
  • 20-Foot Vertical Spin Tunnel
  • Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel (two test sections)
  • 8-Foot High Temperature Tunnel
  • Low Turbulence Pressure Tunnel
  • 22-Inch Mach 20 Helium Tunnel
  • 31-Inch Mach 10 Tunnel
  • 20-Inch Mach 6 CF4 Tunnel
  • 20-Inch Mach 6 Tunnel
  • 20-Inch Supersonic Wind Tunnel
  • 18-Inch Mach 8 Quiet Tunnel
  • Basic Aerodynamics Research Tunnel
  • 0.3-Meter Transonic Cryogenic Tunnel
  • Supersonic Low-Disturbance Tunnel
  • 15-Inch Mach 6 High Temperature Tunnel
  • Arc-Heated Scramjet Test Facility
  • Combustion-Heated Scramjet Test Facility

F/A-18E/F model in TDT

F/A-18 E/F flutter clearance model in the NASA Langley Transonic Dynamics Tunnel.

Structures and Materials Facilities

  • Structures and Materials Laboratory
  • Aircraft Landing Dynamics Facility
  • Structural Dynamics Laboratory DTRL
  • High Temperature Materials Laboratory
  • Impact Dynamics Research Facility
  • Nondestructive Evaluation Techniques Laboratory
  • Thermal Structures Laboratory
  • Composite Materials Laboratory
  • Materials Research Laboratory
  • Combined Loads Test Facility
  • General Rotor Aeroelasticity Laboratory

Flight Simulation Facilities

  • Advanced Civil Transport Simulator (ACTS)
  • Differential Maneuvering Simulator (DMS)
  • General Purpose Fighter Simulator (GPFS)
  • Transport Systems Research Vehicle (TSRV)
  • Visual Motion Simulator, 6 degrees of freedom

Scientific and General Purpose Computing Complex

  • Centralized Mass Storage Facility
  • Data Visualization and Animation Laboratory
  • Geometry Laboratory
  • Electronic Photography Laboratory
  • IBM RS-6000 Computer Cluster Facility
  • IBM SP-2 Power Parallel Computing Facility

Acoustics Facilities

  • Acoustics Research Laboratory
  • Jet Noise Laboratory
  • Thermal Acoustics Fatigue Apparatus

Flight Electronics Facilities

  • Electromagnetics Research Facility
  • Flight Electronics Laboratory
  • High Intensity Radiated Fields Laboratory

Impact Dynamics Research Facility test

Drop-test of a Lear Fan plane at NASA Langley's Impact Dynamics Research Facility.