Crew Impact Attenuation System
Crew Impact Attenuation System

Steve Nevins examines instrumentation next to the Crew Impact Attenuation System (CIAS) Test Article in the garage across from building 1297.

Langley engineers recently designed and fabricated the 20,000-pound test article which completed seven preliminary impact tests at Langley's Landing and Impact Dynamics gantry since the start of the year. Later this month, technicians will attach energy absorbing struts to ready the hardware for testing the Orion seat pallet system.

The CIAS test article emulates the Orion crew module interface to the seat pallet that will accommodate between four and six astronauts. Once energy absorbing struts are attached to the seat pallet, a new phase of testing for Orion will begin.

The series of tests will evaluate Orion's energy absorbing seat system, which will help reduce loads on the astronauts and protect them from injury when returning to Earth from a mission to the International Space Station or the moon.

Credit: NASA/Sean Smith

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