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  • MakerBot space shuttle model


    Langley's new Personal Fabrication Laboratory now has a MakerBot. In this video, the 3D printer is making a space shuttle out of glow-in-the-dark plastic material. In real time, the process took about 25 minutes.

    QuickTime 720p 29.9 MB | 0:47
  • Hydro Impact Basin ribbon-cutting ceremony

    Hydro Impact Basin Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony Slideshow

    A ceremonial ribbon-cutting held Aug. 9, 2011, at NASA Langley Research Center officially opened the new Hydro Impact Basin testing facility which will be vital to the development and certification of future space exploration vehicles.

    QuickTime 1080i 54 MB | 2:45
  • MPCV water landing test in LaRC HIB, Aug 2, 2011

    Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle Water Landing Test

    The third Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV) water landing test conducted at the Hydro Impact Basin at NASA Langley Research Center. This test represented the worst-case scenario for landing -- inversion.

    QuickTime 720p 49 MB

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