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  • Mike Verano.

    SHAW 2013: Through Others' Eyes

    Employees were able to view health and wellness through "new eyes" during NASA Langley's Safety Health and Awareness Week (SHAW) presentations that kicked-off this year's theme: A Culture of Caring.

  • STEAM signing ceremony.

    NASA Langley Partners with VA STEAM Academy

    It was all smiles during the ceremonial signing of the Virginia Science, Technology, Engineering, and Applied Mathematics (STEAM) Space Act Agreement with NASA Langley.

  • HUNCH students build a spatial disorientation chair.

    Students Had a HUNCH About Spinning Chair

    Sixteen Hampton Roads area high school students work with NASA and New Horizons to build a spatial disorientation simulator for pilots and astronauts.

  • EVS graph, FY12.

    EVS 2013 Reads Between the Lines

    A collection of line graphs from Employee Viewpoint Survey (EVS) results at NASA's Langley Research Center dating back to 2002 show similar trends in employee satisfaction.

  • Solar Wheelchair

    Langley, NIA Students Design Award-Winning Wheelchair

    When Dennis Waldron, Duncan McGillivray, Craig Ungaro and Ankit Shah entered a World Cerebral Palsy Day competition to design a solar-powered wheelchair, they honestly didn't think they had a shot at winning first prize.

  • Visitors tour NASA Langley.

    Langley Technology 'Calls Out' to CCAM Visitors

    At NASA Langley's Advanced Composite Manufacturing Lab, Brian Grimsley shows a polymer sample to visitors Becky Stewart, Barry Johnson and Michael Beffel, who were touring the center with the Commonwe...