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MEDLI Captured Falling to Mars

Curiosity captured this image of its heat shield, with the MEDLI hardware attached, falling to the surface of Mars following separation.

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MSL Entry, Descent, and Landing Instrument, or MEDLI

Success for MSL Entry, Descent, & Landing Instrument

When the Curiosity rover landed on Mars on Aug. 6, researchers for the MSL Entry, Descent, & Landing Instrument (MEDLI) were already cheering.

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Mars Landing coverage at VASC.

"Tango Delta" on Mars: As Seen on IMAX at the VASC

At 1:30 a.m. EDT, more than 300 people sat in the Virginia Air Space Center's IMAX theater with expectations and uncertainty. No one could predict ...

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Langley's Role in the Mars Science Laboratory Mission

Langley Research Center has two critical roles in NASA's Mars Science Laboratory mission.

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Final closeout of Curiosity's heat shield and back shell

Langley's Involvement in Mars Missions

From Viking to Mars Rover Curiosity, Langley has been part of each of NASA's Mars explorations.

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Langley and Mars Rover Curiosity