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NASA Langley Partners with VA STEAM Academy
It was all smiles during the ceremonial signing of the Virginia Science, Technology, Engineering, and Applied Mathematics (STEAM) Space Act Agreement with NASA Langley.

"We particularly want to say thank you for those who saw this as a mission and a win-win situation," said Virginia STEAM Academy Co-founder, Caroline Martin. "It is our intent to exceed your expectations as a partner. We thank you for helping us get there."

STEAM signing ceremony.

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VA STEAM academy ceremonial signing. Credit: NASA/Dave Bowman

The academy focuses on four main components, including a public boarding high school for highly able and STEAM-interested students drawn from across Virginia; a summer camp for able and interested middle school students; online, on-demand course offerings to Virginia students and educators; and educational professional development.

The partnership was initiated by NASA Langley's Office of Education a little more than two years ago with a commitment to providing ten NASA Langley mentors to Virginia STEAM Academy students and faculty. By partnering with the Virginia STEAM Academy early in its development, NASA Langley will have a role in the design, delivery, measurement, and continuous improvement of the academy.

And the timing is just right.

"I know it took two years, but the timing is perfect for us because we are now at the end of our planning year, and we will be submitting our plan to report to the state - the General Assembly," said Virginia STEAM Academy Co-founder, Judy K. Stewart. "What better way to be perceived more favorably than to say, 'And now we have NASA on board.' "

Partnership and collaboration between NASA Langley and the Virginia STEAM academy reveals a part in the bright future of the Commonwealth's STEAM educational offerings, the economy and current and future generations.

"On behalf of the Office of Education, we have enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate and continue to work with you all, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact it will make on educators and students partaking in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) initiatives," said Roger Hathaway, NASA Langley education lead.
Sasha Congiu
NASA Langley Research Center