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  • Jai Shin, associate administrator of aero.

    Story-Teller Shin: 'We're Producing Results'

    Jai Shin surveyed the audience in the nearly full Pearl Young Theater, noted that half of the people in the seats were summer interns and pronounced it a good time for young engineers to be coming into aeronautics.

  • Tom Shortridge, left, and Scott Bednar, co-producers of 'NASA Lauchpad,' pose with emmy

    NASA TV Program Wins Emmy

    'NASA Launchpad' won a regional Emmy award in the informational/instructional category for its 'Bernoulli's Principle' episode.

  • The SJX61-2 engine that powered the X-51A test vehicle during ground tests simulating Mach 5 flight conditions at NASA's Langley Research Center in 2008

    X-51A Makes Longest Scramjet Flight

    An engine first validated in a NASA wind tunnel successfully made the longest supersonic combustion ramjet-powered hypersonic flight to date off the southern California coast on May 26.

  • Mike Doty in the SAJF.

    The Pursuit for Quieter Skies

    The roaring flyovers of F-22A Raptors are not an uncommon sound to employees at NASA's Langley Research Center.

  • Langley's UC-12.

    Langley Plane Allows Team to Get Shuttle Thermal Images

    The delay in landing of the space shuttle Discovery has meant some scrambling by a crew on board a NASA Langley aircraft.

  • Work in TDT wind tunnel

    50 Years Ago: New Wind Tunnel Tests Save an Industry

    In 1959, NASA's new Transonic Dynamics Tunnel helped Lockheed solve the mystery of what was causing their brand new turboprop aircraft to fall out of the sky.

  • MD-500 helicopter before crash test

    Chopper Crash Test a Smash Hit

    The second crash test of a small lightweight helicopter at NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va., was a smashing success, literally -- just as engineers had predicted.

  • Puffin personal air vehicle concept

    The Puffin: A Passion for Personal Flight

    The unusual looking, vertical take-off and landing tailsitter is only an idea, but you'd never know that from the attention the Puffin has gotten on the Internet.

  • A rendering of a sleek supersonic airplane in flight

    Envisioning Future Flight

    NASA's Fundamental Aeronautics Student Competition challenges participants to design aircraft of the future.

  • Fay Collier speaks at Jan 2010 colloquium.

    ERA Challenge: Generate Real Solutions for Aviation's Problems

    On Tuesday, Fay Collier spoke to NASA Langley’s January Colloquium audience, not so much as a visionary but as manager of a five-year project with a challenge of coming up with quieter, more fuel efficient aircraft.