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  • HUNCH students build a spatial disorientation chair.

    Students Had a HUNCH About Spinning Chair

    Sixteen Hampton Roads area high school students work with NASA and New Horizons to build a spatial disorientation simulator for pilots and astronauts.

  • Robert Lightfoot visits NASA's Langley Research Center.

    Lightfoot Gets a New View of NASA Research

    NASA Associate Administrator Robert Lightfoot began his Langley visit as a leader; he ended it as a mentee.

  • Astronauts in simulator.

    Astronauts Train to Land Dream Chaser

    Bruce Jackson, an aerospace engineer at NASA's Langley Research Center, briefs astronauts Rex Walheim and Gregory Johnson about the Synthetic Vision (SV) and Enhanced Vision (EV) systems in a flight s...

  • Charles Bolden and Randy Bailey

    Bolden Flies Advanced Technology at NASA Langley

    NASA Administrator Charles Bolden paid a brief visit to NASA's Langley Research Center Friday, May 10. His visit included stops at the center's Air Traffic Operations Lab and Cockpit Motion Facility.

  • Jaiwon Shin

    Aeronautics Budget Request a "Tremendous Victory"

    At a Town Meeting April 12 at NASA Langley's Reid Conference Center, Jaiwon Shin said the Fiscal Year 2014 (FY14) budget request of $565.7 million for NASA's Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate is a "tremendous victory for all of you."

  • ACCESS Media Day in the Hangar.

    Lights, Camera, ACCESS

    At NASA's Langley hangar, Bruce Anderson, project scientist for the ACCESS (Alternative Fuel Effects on Contrails and Cruise Emissions) experiment, stood in between NASA's HU-25C airplane and a group of media visitors armed with cameras, notepads, and smartphones as he explained the recently completed series of flights.

  • Image of bugs in a test tube.

    Nothing Bugs These NASA Aeronautical Researchers

    A unique team is studying ways to prevent insect impact remains from sticking to an aircraft's wing in flight.

  • Some of the more than 100 speakers that make the boom room 'boom' for test subjects

    Listening for the Boom and Rattle of Supersonic Flight

    NASA engineers test people's reactions to simulated sonic booms to help develop technologies that might allow supersonic passenger jets to fly over land.

  • Environmental scientist Glenn Sachse details the DISCOVER-AQ air quality survey mission over California's San Joaquin Valley to reporter Tabitha Lipkin of Time Warner Cable News.

    NASA Airborne Science: Studying our Environment

    News media and social media followers learn about NASA's airborne Earth and environmental science program, briefed on current and upcoming missions.

  • Fay Collier, NIA lecture.

    Flying the Quieter, Cleaner Skies

    When Fay Collier talks about tadpoles, he's not really talking about tadpoles.