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Revitalization Moves Ahead with More Demolitions
June 7, 2013


Three major demolition projects are getting underway at NASA Langley as part of the New Town Revitalization program to replace and upgrade facilities with the future in mind.

Being torn down are two office buildings -- 1192 and 1229 on the main Langley campus -- and the Low Turbulence Pressure Tunnel Complex on the Air Force side of the center.

"In the coming weeks, employees will notice increasing activity at these buildings in preparation for their demolition," said Skip Schroeder, Langley's demolition program manager. "The Building 1192 demolition will be the first facility to see activity."

A new building -- the Measurement Sciences Laboratory -- will be erected on the land cleared by demolition of 1192, which most recently was occupied by the Air Force. The lab is scheduled for completion in 2017.

Preparations for demolition include removal of the steam supply to 1192, which will block access to the cafeteria walkway next to the steam plant. The walk will be shut down until installation of generator fuel lines to the new Integrated Engineering Services Building under construction and a new sidewalk is built. 

Demolition preparation will take a month or two, with the actual leveling of Building 1192 likely to take place over a weekend to minimize disruption. That demolition is expected to be finished by October of 2013.

Another demolition -- Building 1229 -- is scheduled to be complete by October as well. That building was most recently occupied by the Center Operations Directorate.

Low Turbulence Pressure Tunnel

Deconstruction of the Low Turbulence Pressure Tunnel is expected to continue into 2014. The tunnel opened in 1940, and testing there contributed to the development of the X-1, F-100, F-111, F-14, F-15 and C-5A aircraft and the Saturn, Apollo and space shuttle spacecraft. 

The low turbulence complex includes five supporting buildings and a smaller tunnel called the 6 X 19-Inch Transonic Tunnel.

For more about the tunnel, go to:

Since 2005, Langley has disposed of 489,701 square feet (45,495 square meters) of building space. Another 1,257,083 square feet (116,787 square meters) is planned for disposal between now and 2029.

The new headquarters complex -- Building 2101, completed in 2011 -- was the first new building in the revitalization program and the first new office building at Langley in 35 years. The 79,000-square-foot (7,339 square meters) structure houses all or parts of six administrative organizations and is part of a planned six-building revitalization program.

The 137,000-square-foot (12,728 square meters) Integrated Engineering Services Building under construction is the second new facility in the revitalization and is planned for completion in 2014.

Michael Finneran
NASA Langley Research Center

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Building 1229 is the first building on the left coming in the main gate.
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NASA/David C. Bowman
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Salvaged wind tunnel fan blade
Deconstruction includes salvaging items and recycling materials from demolished buildings. Examples include fan blades (shown here), airfoils, drawings, models and plaques. Items are often loaned to museums or used as décor in new buildings. This fan blade was modified from a P-38 propeller.
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NASA Langley Research Center
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Construction of Low Turbulence Pressure Tunnel, 1940
Construction of the Low Temperature Pressure Tunnel, which opened in 1940.
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NASA Langley Research Center
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