Kennedy Space Center, Fla.

Oct. 14, 1999
STATUS REPORT : S-19991014
3:00 PM EDT

Target Launch Dates Mission/Shuttle Payload
December 2, 1999 STS-103/Discovery Hubble Space Telescope Servicing-3A
January 13, 2000 STS-99/Endeavour Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
February 10, 2000
(no earlier than) STS-101/Atlantis ISS Logistics/Assembly Flight 2A.2

Space Shuttle Discovery/OV-103
MISSION: STS-103 -- HST Servicing Mission
NOTE: Less than 10 electrical panels remain to be inspected on Discovery's aft flight deck to conclude the orbiter's overall wire inspection effort. This work should take about 2 days and is expected to conclude early next week. Installation of wiring protection continues in other areas, and functional tests are under way. Replacement of the two leaky isolation valves on the right-hand orbital maneuvering system is complete. Loading of manifold No. 5 occurs this weekend, and thruster leak checks will follow.

After the successful testing of Discovery's repaired wiring, Shuttle managers plan to transfer the orbiter from Orbiter Processing Facility bay 1 to the Vehicle Assembly Building on Oct. 28. With an on-time move to the VAB, Discovery could arrive at the launch pad by Nov. 3. A launch on December 2 would occur at around 4:32 a.m. EST at the start of a 42-minute window. Landing would occur just after 2 a.m. EST on Dec. 12. A firm launch date will be set at NASA's Flight Readiness Review on Nov. 19.

Space Shuttle Endeavour/OV-105
MISSION: STS-99 -- Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
NOTE: Endeavour's gaseous nitrogen servicing is complete. Installation of the orbiter's waste control system concluded yesterday. Wiring inspections on Endeavour are more than 90 percent complete, and wire protection and repair efforts continue. The SRTM payload is expected to be reinstalled in the payload bay around Oct. 22 with orbiter rollover to the Vehicle Assembly Building planned for no earlier than late November. Rollout to the launch pad is planned for early December.

Space Shuttle Atlantis/OV-104
MISSION: STS-101 -- 3rd International Space Station Flight
SPACEHAB Double Module/ICC
NOTE: Wiring inspections on Atlantis are in work. Workers plan to reinstall the right-hand orbital maneuvering system (OMS) pod on Saturday, following repair of an attach point this week. Inspections on the left-hand OMS pod are also scheduled. Ammonia boiler system work continues.

Target launch dates for other Shuttle missions in 2000 will be reviewed by both Shuttle and International Space Station Program managers and discussed at an Oct. 21 meeting before being manifested for future vehicle processing.


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