Kennedy Space Center, Fla.

Oct. 7, 1999
STATUS REPORT : S-19991007
3:00 PM EDT

With wiring inspections and repairs of Discovery and Endeavour nearing completion and similar work beginning on Atlantis, Shuttle program managers today set new planning target launch dates for the next three Space Shuttle missions.

Based on an assessment of the work remaining on Discovery and Endeavour and the inspections which have begun on Atlantis, managers set the following as target launch dates for upcoming flights:

Target Launch Dates Mission/Shuttle Payload
December 2, 1999 STS-103/Discovery Hubble Space Telescope Servicing-3A
January 13, 2000 STS-99/Endeavour Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
February 10, 2000
(no earlier than) STS-101/Atlantis ISS Logistics/Assembly Flight 2A.2

"Our number one priority for the Space Shuttle is to fly safely, and that is why we delayed our launch preparations and have performed comprehensive wiring inspections and repairs," Space Shuttle Program Manager Ron Dittemore said. "As a result of our inspections, we've made significant changes in how we protect electrical wiring. We believe those changes, along with changes to the work platforms and procedures we use in the Shuttle's payload bay, will prevent similar wire damage from recurring," Dittemore added.

Space Shuttle Discovery/OV-103
MISSION: STS-103 -- HST Servicing Mission
NOTE: Inspections of the wiring on board Discovery should be complete by the end of the week as technicians wrap up final reviews of the wiring in the orbiter's crew module. In addition, engineers are completing the replacement of the manifold #5 oxidizer isolation valve in Discovery's right-hand orbital maneuvering system pod prior to its retesting to insure that there is no leakage in the system. The old valve was removed earlier this week after leakage was found within the pod. Rollover of Discovery from the Orbiter Processing Facility to the Vehicle Assembly Building is scheduled for no earlier than the end of October with its rollout to Launch Pad 39-B planned for no earlier than the first week in November. A launch on December 2 would occur at around 4:32 a.m. EST at the start of a 42-minute window. Landing would occur just after 2 a.m. EST on Dec. 12. A firm launch date will be set at NASA's Flight Readiness Review around the second week of November.

Space Shuttle Endeavour/OV-105
MISSION: STS-99 -- Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
NOTE: Inspections of the wiring on board Endeavour are about 90 per cent complete with no significant issues having been identified by engineers. The SRTM payload is expected to be reinstalled in Endeavour around October 22 with its rollover to the Vehicle Assembly Building planned for no earlier than the end of November. Rollout to Launch Pad 39-A is scheduled for around early December.

Space Shuttle Atlantis/OV-104
NOTE: Wiring inspections on Atlantis are beginning with no major issues having been identified by engineers. All wiring work on Atlantis is expected to be completed by the end of the year. A leak in Atlantis' ammonia boiler system has been identified which will require replacement of the unit.

Target launch dates for other Shuttle missions in 2000 will be reviewed by both Shuttle and International Space Station Program managers over the next several weeks before being manifested for future vehicle processing.


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