Kennedy Space Center, Fla.

Sept. 30, 1999
STATUS REPORT : S-19990930
3:00 PM EDT
Space Shuttle Discovery/OV-103
MISSION: STS-103 -- HST Servicing Mission
NOTE: Inspections of the wiring onboard orbiter Discovery are about 95 percent complete, and Shuttle managers expect all remaining wire inspections to conclude next week. During retests of Discovery’s recently replaced right-hand orbiter maneuvering system (OMS) engine pod, technicians noted an oxidizer isolation valve that did not cycle properly. Subsequent valve inspections revealed minor corrosion of a manifold No. 5 oxidizer valve, and managers have decided to replace that valve before the STS-103 flight. As a precaution, technicians will conduct thorough inspections of all manifold No. 5 oxidizer and fuel valves located in both OMS pods and the orbiter’s forward reaction control system. Inspection of these six valves will be performed in parallel with ongoing orbiter processing and is not expected to further impact the schedule.

In Discovery’s payload bay, workers noted a worn latching mechanism on the housing for the foot restraint that space-walking astronauts install on the Shuttle’s robot arm. Workers will replace the latching mechanism next week. Shuttle managers will meet again next Thursday to discuss the progress of the wiring maintenance effort, to receive an updated status on the oxidizer valve and latching mechanism work, and to assess Discovery’s launch date. Space Shuttle Discovery will not launch before Nov. 19.

Space Shuttle Endeavour/OV-105
MISSION: STS-99 -- Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
NOTE: Inspections of the wiring onboard orbiter Endeavour are about 81 percent complete. Wiring protection efforts continue throughout the orbiter. Inspections beneath the orbiter’s payload bay liner are in work as technicians gain access to the areas to be examined. The retesting of Endeavour’s recently replaced oxygen/nitrogen panel continues. In the Space Station Processing Facility, the freon line reinforcement clamp has been installed on the SRTM payload. Shuttle managers continue to assess the option of launching Endeavour in December of 1999 and will discuss the STS-99 launch date next Thursday.

Space Shuttle Atlantis/OV-104
NOTE: Orbiter Atlantis moved to Orbiter Processing Facility bay 3 Friday morning. This week, workers completed payload bay door functional tests. Preparations to install the right-hand OMS pod on the orbiter are in work and installation is slated for Monday. Wireless video modifications continue and wiring inspections are expected to begin in the orbiter’s midbody tomorrow.

Space Shuttle Columbia/OV-102
Preparation for Orbiter Maintenance Down Period (OMDP)
NOTE: Orbiter Columbia arrived in Palmdale, CA, Sept. 25 just after 1 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. Columbia’s ferry flight atop NASA’s Shuttle Carrier Aircraft took only one day with a single refueling stop at Whiteman Air Force Base, MO, on Friday afternoon. The orbiter stayed overnight at Whiteman and departed for Palmdale, CA, at about 9 a.m.


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