Kennedy Space Center, Fla.

Sept. 13, 1995
STATUS REPORT : S-19950913
NASA's Space Shuttle Processing Status Report
Vehicle: OV-102/Columbia
Mission number: STS-73
Location: Pad 39-B
Primary payload: USML-2
Astronauts: 7
Orbital altitude: 172 statute miles
Inclination: 39 degrees
Mission Duration: 15 days, 22 hours
Launch date: Sept. 28 9:35 a.m. EDT
Landing date: Oct. 14 7:29 a.m. EDT


· Hypergolic storable propellant loading operations (through Thursday)


· Flight Readiness Review (Thursday)
· Auxiliary power unit hot fire (Friday)
· USML battery charging and experiment fit checks (next week)


· Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test (TCDT)
· Helium signature leak test
· Solid rocket booster nozzle repair and confidence work

Atlantis/OV-104 (STS-74) Russian MIR-2 Docking Module
OPF Bay 2

A landing gear functional check is scheduled for today. A changeout has been performed of one of the mass memory units which did not pass testing. Technicians continue installing heat shields around the three main engines. A functional check of the Orbiter Docking System is scheduled for Friday. On Saturday, the astronauts will conduct the Crew Equipment Interface Test (CEIT). The Russian MIR-2 Docking Module Interface Verification Test (IVT) to verify connections is now scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday next week. A state-of-health check will follow on Thursday.

Payload closeouts will begin on Sept. 25 and the payload bay doors will be closed for flight on or about Sept. 27.

The Space Shuttle Atlantis solid rocket booster repair work is scheduled to begin on Sept. 24 in the Vehicle Assembly Building. Atlantis rollover to the VAB is scheduled for 9 a.m. on Oct. 2.

OPF Bay 1

Work continues to deconfigure and deservice Discovery in preparation for the ferry flight to Palmdale. The ferry flight OMS pods are now scheduled to be installed on Thursday (left pod) and Saturday (right pod). The payload bay doors will be closed on Saturday, and the ferry flight tail cone installed next week. Discovery will be towed to the Shuttle Landing Facility on Sept. 25 for mating to the 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. The ferry flight is scheduled to begin on Sept. 26.


Landing is scheduled at KSC on Monday, Sept. 18 at 7:38 a.m. weather permitting.

KSC 24-Hour Weather Summary
Shuttle Landing Facility
Today’s minimum temperature: 74 degrees
Yesterday’s maximum temperature: 87 degrees
Lowest relative humidity: 71 percent
Peak wind speed/direction: 22 mph/N
Precipitation as of 7 a.m.: 1.12 inches
Total monthly precipitation: 3.56 inches
Barometric pressure at 7 a.m.: 30.08


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