Kennedy Space Center, Fla.

Aug. 4, 1995
STATUS REPORT : S-19950804
NASA's Space Shuttle Processing Status Report
Vehicle: OV-105/Endeavour
Mission number: STS-69
Location: VAB High Bay 1
Primary payload: Wake Shield Facility/Spartan 201-3
Astronauts: 5
Orbital altitude: 230 statute miles
Inclination: 28.45 degrees
Mission Duration: 10 days, 20 hours, 29 minutes
Launch date: August
Landing date: TBD


· Powered on state of health check


· Final rollout preparations Monday
· Rollout no earlier than 2 a.m. Tuesday
· Launch pad validations Tuesday-Wednesday
· Flight Readiness Test Thursday


· Preliminary rollout preparations

Issues and Concerns: A final decision on rollout will be made on Monday. Work to qualify Endeavour’s solid rocket boosters for flight is not expected to begin at KSC until the end of next week. No assessment date for launch has been established.

Columbia/OV-102 (STS-73) U.S. Microgravity Laboratory-2
OPF Bay 3

A functional test of the landing gear was completed this morning. Testing of the flight controls is underway and orbiter mid-body closeouts are in work. Testing of the Ku-band communications system continues. Water proofing of the orbiter’s tiles will begin on Sunday. Scheduled next week is a Spacelab interface electrical check and an orbiter structural test. The payload bay doors will be closed for flight about next Tuesday night. In the Vehicle Assembly Building, the external tank will be mated to the solid rocket boosters on Saturday. Rollover of Columbia to the VAB for mating to the ET/SRB stack is currently projected to occur on Aug. 21 with rollout to Pad 39-B on Aug. 26.

Atlantis/OV-104 (STS-74) Russian Docking Module
OPF Bay 2

Functional tests of the orbital maneuvering system and the auxiliary power units are being performed today. The forward reaction control system is scheduled to be removed tonight and taken to the Hypergolic Maintenance Facility for routine work. The orbiter’s wheels and tires were installed last night. Modifications to the orbiter docking system continues. In the Space Station Processing Facility, the solar arrays have been attached to the Russian Docking Module. A pressure test of the module is scheduled for next week.

Discovery/OV-103 (ferry flight preparations)
OPF Bay 1

The bay is cleared of personnel for the draining of residual hypergolic fuels which began last night and is scheduled to conclude over the weekend.

KSC 24-Hour Weather Summary
Shuttle Landing Facility
Today’s minimum temperature: 77 degrees
Yesterday’s maximum temperature: 85 degrees
Lowest relative humidity: 77 percent
Peak wind speed/direction: 40 mph/SE
Precipitation as of 7 a.m.: 0
Total monthly precipitation: .90 inches
Barometric pressure at 7 a.m.: 30.08


- end -

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