Kennedy Space Center, Fla.

Dec. 5, 1994
STATUS REPORT : S-19941205
NASA's Space Shuttle Processing Status Report

Vehicle: OV-103/Discovery
Location: OPF Bay 2
Orbital altitude: 196 sm
Primary payload: Spacehab-3/Spartan
Inclination: 51.6 degrees
Launch date: Feb. 2 12:51 a.m.
Landing: Feb. 10 7:05 a.m.
Mission duration: 8 days, 6 hrs.
Crew Size: 6


conclusion of Spacehab-3 payload interface verification test (IVT)
orbiter mid-body closeouts
potable water servicing
electrical connections of main engine No. 2 yaw actuator


Spartan IVT (Tuesday)
installation of left orbital maneuvering system pod (Tuesday)
begin aft main engine compartment closeouts (Friday)
Crew Equipment Interface Test (Friday)


installation of Spacehab-3/Spartan 204/ ODERACS/GLO payloads
installation of main engine heat shields
crew module/Spacehab positive pressure leak test

MISSION: STS-67 -- Astro-2

Checkout of main engine No. 2 and No. 3 yaw actuators is being performed today. Fuel cell voltage tests have been completed. Work to install water spray boiler No. 3 continues. Water spray boiler No. 2 installation and checkout is complete. Mass memory unit No. 2 has been removed and replaced and has now been loaded with software in preparation for retest. The functional test of the external tank door has been completed. Reconfiguration of the payload bay for Astro-2 is finished and associated payload electrical systems are being tested in preparation for payload installation about the middle of the month.


The ATLAS-3 and CRISTA-SPAS payloads are being removed today. Atlas-3 will be taken to the Operations and Checkout Building for deintegration. CRISTA-SPAS will be taken to NASA Spacecraft Hangar AM for removal of the data tapes. The CRISTA instruments will be returned to the principal investigators in the United States and Germany. Also, about the first of the new year, the SPAS carrier will returned to Germany. The SSBUV will be removed from the payload bay on Tuesday.

Other work today includes a functional test of the orbiter's forward reaction control system. Preparations are underway for the pending removal of the right orbital maneuvering system pod for its routine maintenance at the Hypergolic Maintenance Facility in the KSC Industrial Area.

In the Vehicle Assembly Building high bay 3, stacking of the left forward booster segment is occurring today.

KSC 24-Hour Weather Summary

Today's minimum temperature: 65 degrees
Yesterday's maximum temperature: 83 degrees
Lowest relative humidity: 67 percent
Peak wind speed: S-26 mph
Precipitation as of 7 a.m.: .26 inches
Total December precipitation: .32 inches


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