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Workforce Transition Office Opens
As NASA's Kennedy Space Center prepares to fly out the final space shuttle mission later this year, the center's Human Resources Operations Office is working to make sure all employees, NASA and contractor, are as informed and prepared as possible.

"As the space shuttle approaches retirement, we are working very closely with Brevard Workforce and others to provide future job opportunities for this immensely talented work force," said Kennedy's Associate Director for Business Operations Jim Hattaway. "Opening the Workforce Transition Office is another important step in that direction."

The WTO, in Headquarters Room 1486A, officially opened its doors March 1. Scott Larchar, a shuttle test project engineer with United Space Alliance, and Nick Herren, an engineer with ASRC Aerospace, were among the first to utilize the office's services. Dan Wilson assists center employee

Image: David Wilson, left, chief of the Human Resources Operations Office, speaks with a worker during the grand opening of NASA Kennedy Space Center's Workforce Transition Office in Headquarters. The new office will offer assistance to center employees seeking federal jobs. Photo credit: NASA/Jim Grossmann
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"It's important to me for the opportunity to pursue employment with the U.S. government and understand the process," Larchar said.

WTO will be open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to help employees like Larchar look for new work, perhaps work that's already available. The office also will be accepting appointments between 7 and 8 a.m., as well as 5 and 7 p.m.

"Currently, there are 30,000 to 37,000 federal jobs in the U.S. and other countries listed on the USAJOBS Web site," said David Wilson, chief of the Human Resources Operations Office.

Tracy Anania, director of NASA Human Resources said the Human Resources staff will supplement the Brevard Workforce office at Kennedy by helping with phone calls and referrals.

"Opening the Workforce Transition Office is important for two reasons," Anania said. "First, we can share our expertise to guide people through the unique federal job search and application process, and the other is the personal transition services we can refer people to, including courses in financial and real estate planning so that Kennedy employees have access to comprehensive transition assistance."

To increase clarity and maintain constant communication, Human Resources also created an internal Web site called VOICE where employees can find answers to all their questions. VOICE includes a blog and links to many internal and external transition resources and can be found at http://kscvoice.

Hattaway said, "Our employees are our most important asset and we will continue to do everything we can to help them as we transition into our future role."

Here's what else Human Resources is doing to help employees with the transition: Brevard Workforce staff members

Image: NASA Kennedy Space Center's Workforce Transition Office will offer assistance to center employees seeking federal jobs. Brevard Workforce staff members, from left, are Megan Cochran, Crystal McQueen, Latisha Ali-Ramlogan, Carla Hilliard and Carol Brooks Macrander, joined by Kennedy Deputy Director for Business Operations Jim Hattaway, Brevard Workforce President Lisa Rice, Deputy Director of Human Resources Dicksy Hansen and Human Resources Director Tracy Anania. Photo credit: NASA/Jim Grossmann
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Workforce Transition Assistance Guide
An electronic assistance guide to help employees take charge of their career, their family and their future is expected to be released in March.

Workshops, Seminars
Brevard Workforce and the NASA Occupational Health Employment Assistance Program, or EAP, have planned a series of workshops and seminars about retirement planning, social security filing, unemployment eligibility, financial planning and personal wealth, as well as real estate planning.

Job Fairs
Many companies have expressed interest in Kennedy's work force, so Human Resources will host at least two job fairs this year, an on-site job fair on June 24, and an off-site job fair on June 25. Both fairs will showcase companies with opportunities in Florida, as well as other states. Human Resources also will be working with Brevard Workforce to utilize their virtual job fair tool. An additional job fair is targeted for August.

Resume Bank
All employees are encouraged to create and post an updated resume online to better attract future business to the area. This tool also will allow Human Resources to connect outside employers with employees looking for new work. Resumes can be posted at or

Job-seeker Services
There are several services offered through the Aerospace Workforce Transition, or AWT, Program administered by Brevard Workforce in conjunction with educational institutions, federal agencies and community organizations. In order to be eligible for these services, aerospace workers must register while they are still employed. Those who lose their jobs and have not registered with and the Brevard Workforce AWT Program will not be eligible for assistance. Employees interested in registering can go to

Organizations in Florida that are working to provide opportunities include the Governor's Office, Space Florida, Workforce Florida, Enterprise Florida, Brevard Workforce, Aerospace Career & Development Council, and Space Business Development Group.

Civil Service Available for New Work
A tool designed to help civil service employees impacted by shuttle retirement is accessible through the Human Capital Information Environment, or HCIE. Supervisors will have the option to input opportunities and compare interested applicants with the requirements of the job.

Civil Service Training
In an effort to determine what training might be needed to retool Kennedy's work force to prepare for new missions, the NASA Human Resources Development Team will be conducting a future training needs assessment.

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