January 1997 Climatological Report

Highest Maximum: 83°F
Lowest Minimum: 31°F
Average Maximum: 73°F
Average Minimum: 52°F
Mean: 62°F

Relative Humidity
Highest Observed: 100%
Lowest Observed: 23%
Average High Humidity: 97%
Average Low Humidity: 54%
Average Relative Humidity: 75%

Peak Wind Speed/Direction: 36 knots/S - 36 knots/N

Visibility/Cloud Ceiling
Lowest Visibility: 0 miles
Lowest Ceiling: 100 feet

Greatest 24-hour total: 1.19 inches
Total for the Month: 2.41 inches

Thunderstorm Days Normally Expected: 1
Thunderstorm Days Observed: 1

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