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Honored to be Chosen
NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida recently welcomed its new human resources director, Tracy Anania. In this position, she'll facilitate the directorate's mission to provide human capital management solutions for the center, and employee training and development for current and future missions.

Formal portrait of Tracy Anania, Kennedy's human resources director "As director of Human Resources for Kennedy, I'm responsible for staffing positions in organizations, helping managers create performance plans for employees, training employees, work force planning largely centered around work force trends, projecting future human resources requirements, and responding to (NASA) Headquarters' initiatives in regards to work force planning," she summarized.

Image left: Formal protrait of Tracy L. Anania, Kennedy Space Center's newest Human Resources Director. Image credit: NASA/KSC

Anania immediately knew she was destined to be in human resources once she heard a description of the field during a college course at the University of Wisconsin.

She later earned a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial and organizational sociology and human resources from the university. After college, she enrolled in the U.S. Army's internship program. This step led to her becoming director of Human Resources at a U.S. Army research and development lab in New Jersey.

Tracy Anania receives award from Center Director Jim Kennedy Image right: During an all hands meeting Center Director Jim Kennedy congratulates Anania on her induction into the Senior Excutive Service. Only one percent of the federal work force attains this rank. Image credit: NASA/KSC

"It's a tremendous honor to be selected. I never in a million years thought I'd work for NASA. I was amazed that everybody was so receptive to my ideas, and embraced me as somebody who could contribute," she said. "The staff I inherited is amazing, on their game, pleasant, and ready and willing for challenges."

Approximately 35 employees will support Anania's initiatives. She intends to develop methods for managers to realize their efficiencies, improve the performance review process, and ultimately develop a new system in which employees can directly impact their salaries instead of the current pay grade schedule.

"I want to bring representatives from all components from all of Kennedy to help," she said. "If employees have a say in their future, they embrace it more than they might otherwise."

In her limited free time, she enjoys rollerblading, exercising and doing yoga. Anania and her husband, Tony, have been married for 12 years.

Jennifer Wolfinger, Staff Writer
NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center