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May 20, 2013

Tracy Young
Kennedy Space Center, Fla.

NASA Signs Agreement With United Paradyne For Use Of Facility

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida has signed a new partnership agreement with United Paradyne Corporation of Santa Maria, Calif., for use of the Hypergolic Maintenance Facility, or HMF.

The HMF previously was used during NASA's Apollo and Space Shuttle Programs. Because of NASA's transition from the shuttle to future commercial and government mission activities, this agreement allows NASA to preserve the unique facility capabilities for future spaceflight projects.

United Paradyne will utilize the HMF to provide offline processing support services in the storage, delivery, handling and maintenance of hypergolic and green propellant commodities and satellite fueling operations. The company also will provide services to refurbish, manufacture and assemble test ground support equipment.

"Kennedy continues to work with the commercial community to find innovative ways to use and preserve our unique capabilities," said Kennedy Director Bob Cabana. "With the support of organizations such as the Economic Development Commission of Florida's Space Coast, Kennedy Space Center is well on its way to becoming a world-class multiuser launch complex. We look forward to our partnership with United Paradyne and its contributions to America's space program."

Under a 15-year lease agreement, United Paradyne will operate and maintain the facility at its own expense. The company, which will access the facility in June, will employ approximately 12 aerospace workers within the first year and has a goal of achieving 50 new jobs over the next four years.

Kennedy's center planning and development team and the Economic Development Commission of Florida's Space Coast worked with the company to establish the agreement.

United Paradyne Corporation is a privately held business specializing in hypergolic storage facility operations and satellite fueling services.

Kennedy is positioning itself for the next era of space exploration, transitioning to a 21st century launch facility with multiple users, both private and government. A dynamic infrastructure is taking shape, designed to host many kinds of spacecraft and rockets sending people on America's next adventures in space.

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