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April 12, 2013

Stephanie Covey
Kennedy Space Center, Fla.

NASA Announces Challenges for 2013 International Space Apps Challenge

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - NASA and over 150 partner organizations worldwide will be hosting the International Space Apps Challenge on April 20-21, 2013. The International Space Apps Challenge is a technology development event during which citizens from around the world work together to solve challenges relevant to improving life on Earth and in space.

NASA and its partners have released 50 challenges for the second International Space Apps Challenge, taking place in more than 75 locations around the world, including NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Participants are encouraged to develop software, hardware, data visualization, and mobile/web applications that will contribute to space exploration missions and help improve life on Earth.

The following three challenges were developed by Kennedy Space Center employees:

- Deployable Greenhouse: Develop a conceptual design of a deployable greenhouse that could be used for predeployment on a space mission to the moon or Mars (partial gravity). The greenhouse could arrive at the planet/moon prior to astronauts arriving. The design(s) should specify for which location the greenhouse is intended.

- Envision Kennedy Space Center Spaceport 2040: Design a concept of the Kennedy Space Center Spaceport in 2040, using the spaceport's current state as a starting point. Show government and commercial facilities for the processing and launch operations of orbital and suborbital vehicles. Include the required community planning of research parks, tourism and supporting infrastructure.

- Moonville-Lunar Industry Game: Develop a game to virtually build a lunar industry through a series of "bootstrapping" stages until it becomes self-sustaining. The strategy is to decide which machines to build first and how many of them, using resources launched from Earth and available from the moon.

Follow the event progress at the Kennedy Space Center location on Twitter using #SpaceAppsKSC and on Tumblr at http://spaceappsksc.tumblr.com.

To register for a local International Space Apps Challenger event and to find more information, visit:


For information about NASA's programs and missions, visit:



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