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Bruce Buckingham
NASA Kennedy Space Center

Dec. 17, 2002
RELEASE : 123-02
Final Piece Of ISS S6 Truss Arrives At Kennedy Space Center
The second and final piece of the S6 Integrated Truss Segment, the Long Spacer (LS), arrived yesterday afternoon at Kennedy Space Center's Shuttle Landing Facility aboard NASA's Super Guppy cargo airplane from Johnson Space Center. The LS, bound for installation on the International Space Station, was transported from the Super Guppy to the Space Station Processing Facility (SSPF) airlock for storage overnight.

This morning the S6 LS segment was transferred from the Super Guppy storage container into a high bay inside the SSPF. Both the S6 Integrated Equipment Assembly (IEA) that arrived last week, and the LS segment, will undergo inspections and verification tests in order to ready them for flight. KSC will perform final integration of the LS truss segment to the IEA and final verification and testing.

Although the two pieces of the S6 truss arrived at Kennedy Space Center separately, they will be integrated and fly as one segment to the International Space Station aboard Space Shuttle mission STS-119 in early 2004. Together, the segment pieces weigh 26,000 pounds and measure 45 feet long. The S6 truss is currently scheduled to launch in early 2004.

The S6 Truss Segment is the 11th and final piece of the Station's Integrated Truss Structure. Arrival of this segment means virtually all the U.S. core structure components of the Station have left the factory and are either in orbit or being readied for launch. Only one major Station core component awaits shipment. The second connecting module, Node 2, is being constructed in Italy.


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