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April 1, 2002
RELEASE : 29-02
Notice to Editors/News Directors:
Mission STS-110 Web Coverage Events Set
Kennedy Space Center's web coverage events have been set for the launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis on mission STS-110, scheduled for launch April 4.

The KSC Direct! webcast will feature three special guests: Space Shuttle expert Jon Cowart, Space Station expert Joe Delai, and a Photosynthesis Experiment System Testing Operation (PESTO) science experiment expert, Dr. Gary Stutte. Viewers will see informative programming highlighting the objectives of mission STS-110, as well as the crew and payloads. During the program, our featured guests will answer questions submitted to the KSC Direct! Question Board from space enthusiasts around the world. The KSC Direct! home page is now available at

In addition to KSC Direct!, KSC's Live Launch Countdown site will provide downloadable video clips of pre-launch and launch day events. The videos will be available in RealMedia format in two sizes for users with 56K modems or Cable/broadband connections. The Live Launch Countdown site also features real-time updating as milestones occur during the countdown, keeping site visitors informed with the very latest news.

Those who would like to test their knowledge of the STS-110 mission, crew and payloads, are invited to take the STS-110 Mission Quiz. The first 25 players to achieve a perfect score will receive an official VIP visitor packet that includes a crew photo and mission patch.


L-3 Days - Monday, Apr. 1
4 p.m. - STS-110 Mission Quiz starts

Live Countdown Coverage site is activated

KSC Direct! Question Board opens

L-2 Days and L-1 Day
Video of STS-110 events occurring prior to launch day will be posted to the Live Countdown Coverage site as they become available.

L-0 Day - Launch Day, Thursday, Apr. 4
3 hours prior to launch - Live Countdown Coverage begins
Approx. 2 hours prior to launch - KSC Direct! live webcast begins
Shortly after launch - KSC Direct! live Q&A session begins
Approx. 1 hour after launch - KSC Direct! live webcast concludes

For the exact time of the start of KSC Direct! programming, please check the live webcast page above on launch day.

Although coverage events mentioned do not begin until three days prior to launch, the Shuttle Countdown Online page ( was activated shortly after the landing of STS-109 and always serves as a starting point for KSC's mission coverage.


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