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Fax: 321-867-2692

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News Media Orientation

    To receive the latest information about launch activities at Kennedy Space Center, call the recorded status line at 321-867-2525.

    Press Site Fact Sheet
    Learn about the KSC Press Site, located at Complex 39 -- the gateway to the agency's latest news and information.

    Kennedy Space Center Overview
    The John F. Kennedy Space Center hosts three NASA program offices during this time of transition to new technologies and launch systems.

    America's Spaceport
    The John F. Kennedy Space Center is the doorway to outer space. From its unique facilities, humans and machines have begun the exploration of the solar system.

    Kennedy Space Center Visitor's Complex
    Information on the KSC Visitor Complex, who to contact for sidebar stories, photo opportunities and shooting stand-ups.

    Educational Guide to the Space Coast
    Explore the Space Coast by navigating through this informative Web site.

    Area Map
    See a detailed map of key destinations located on and around KSC.

    Directions to Badging Offices
    Complete directions to the KSC badging offices located on State Road 405 and State Road 3.

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