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Industry Reps Meet at Kennedy
Kennedy Space Center in Florida recently hosted an industry day briefing and a tour of NASA's new Exploration Park site, located near the center's Visitor Complex. Representatives from prospective commercial developers, engineering and construction firms, economic development organizations and a variety of technology and space-related companies attended the briefing on Aug. 10 at the Visitor Complex's Universe Theater.

Kennedy Center Director, Jim Kennedy speaks to industry leaders. The event was part of NASA's effort to solicit offers from the private sector for the development and long-term operation of Exploration Park.

Image left: Jim Kennedy, center director speaks to industry representatives at Kennedy Space Center. Image credit: NASA/KSC

According to Jim Ball, Kennedy's spaceport development manager, growth of the park will advance NASA's mission, help to open space to commerce and improve life on Earth.

Center Director Jim Kennedy welcomed participants and expressed his excitement for the future of the center. "During this briefing, I hope you will learn how you may partner with us and we may partner with you for the success of our Vision for Space Exploration and the success of Exploration Park," Kennedy said.

Kennedy said development of Exploration Park is an opportunity for private industry to contribute and be part of the vision.

"We're all about building and launching rockets, and you develop and operate real estate," Kennedy said. "We look forward to your contributions."

Ball told prospective tenants he is looking forward to being able to accommodate them in Exploration Park.

"We have support from both state and local partnerships for this endeavor," Ball said. These include Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush and the state legislature, Enterprise Florida, the Economic Development Council of Florida's Space Coast, and other local government organizations and entities.

Linda Herridge, Staff Writer
NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center