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George H. Diller
Kennedy Space Center, Fla.

Feb. 26, 2010
Expendable Launch Vehicle Status Report
Spacecraft: Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES-P)
Launch Vehicle: Delta IV
Launch Pad: Complex 37, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
Launch Date: March 2, 2010
Launch Window: 6:19 - 7:19 p.m. EST

The Flight Readiness Review for the launch of the Delta IV rocket with GOES-P was held on Feb. 25. The last evaluation, the Launch Readiness Review, will be held on March 1.

At Launch Complex 37, closeouts of the Delta IV and GOES-P are beginning. A launch countdown mission dress rehearsal was successfully completed Friday.

On launch day, the mobile service tower will be retracted away from the Delta IV at 7:30 a.m. The terminal countdown will begin when the countdown clock emerges from a planned built-in hold at 1 p.m.

GOES-P will be launched into orbit for NASA and NOAA by Boeing Launch Services aboard a United Launch Alliance Delta IV rocket under an FAA license.

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