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George H. Diller
Kennedy Space Center, Fla.

April 12, 1995
Expendable Launch Vehicle Status Report
Atlas 1/May 19

The AC-77 Centaur stage was successfully mated to the Atlas today. Atlas 1 launch vehicle arrived at Cape Canaveral Air Station by C-5 air cargo plane on April 7. The following day it was offloaded and taken to Hangar J for receiving inspections. The Atlas first stage was erected on Pad 36-B on Monday. Pad crews yesterday were unable to hoist the Centaur stage atop the Atlas due to wind exceeding the 11 knot limit and because of a problem with ground support equipment.

Due to a shipping mishap during ground transportation, the arrival of the AC-77 fairing is expected to be delayed by several days so that the fairing can be removed from its shipping container and inspected.

The GOES-J weather satellite continues to undergo final processing at Astrotech and remains on schedule. Battery charging and reconditioning for launch has been completed and preparations are underway for installing them on the spacecraft. Thruster system cleaning and checkout has also been completed. A helium signature leak check of the spacecraft propulsion system has also been performed. A pressurization test of the propulsion system is currently underway. Spacecraft mechanical closeouts will begin later this week and are expected to be complete Apr. 20.

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