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George H. Diller
Kennedy Space Center, Fla.

March 20, 1995
Expendable Launch Vehicle Status Report
May 19/Atlas 1

Work on GOES-J continues on schedule. The fit check with the payload adapter was successfully completed. A deployment test of the solar sail and of the magnetometer boom has also been completed, and a solar array extension was performed. The primary, secondary and scan mirrors for both the imager and sounder instruments have been cleaned.

Based on experience with GOES-8, the attitude and orbit control electronics were removed from GOES-J so that additional shielding could be installed. This will provide additional protection from high energy electron charging which can occasionally occur from the space environment.

An end-to-end communications test is scheduled for Wednesday and a network compatibility test is planned for Thursday. The end-to-end test will be primarily between the NOAA satellite control center in Suitland, Md., and the GOES-J satellite to verify the control software by testing commanding and telemetry of the satellite. The network test will also include the ground stations necessary to support launch including the MILA tracking station at KSC, the Air Force, Jet Propulsion Laboratory tracking stations, and the Goddard Space Flight Center satellite control facilities.

A complete spacecraft electrical functional test is planned to be performed on Friday and Saturday.

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