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Launch Services Program Information Now Available on NASA App
Main screen of Launch Services Program in NASA App

Image above: Information about NASA's Launch Services Program, missions, launch vehicles and more are offered on this screen in the NASA App.
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Launch Vehicles navigation in NASA App

Image above: The Launch Vehicle navigation options are displayed.
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On the go and looking for information about NASA's Launch Services Program (LSP)? There's an app for that -- the official NASA App available at http://www.nasa.gov/centers/ames/iphone/index.html.

NASA App users now have access to content highlighting current, upcoming and past missions launched on expendable launch vehicles, or ELVs. Readers also can learn about the variety of rockets and launch sites LSP relies on to deliver NASA and NASA-sponsored spacecraft to their destinations.

An overview of the Launch Services Program also is featured, as well as a section for LSP Advisory Services and the Education Launch of Nanosatellites Program, known as ELaNa.

"This new content gives the public a chance to learn more about our program without having to download an additional app," said Launch Services Program's Jessica Scheffman. "By adding to the existing NASA App, we've made this information available to more than 5 million people."

Based at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, LSP manages countdowns and oversees launch operations for the agency's ELV missions. The program's NASA and contractor teams work together to provide on-time, reliable mission analysis, prelaunch processing, integration of the spacecraft and launch vehicle, and launch services.

The NASA App delivers the latest news, features, multimedia and other dynamic content from across the agency. Mobile users can keep up with mission news, countdown updates and the NASA launch schedule; find out when the International Space Station will be visible overhead; connect to the agency through Twitter and Facebook; and enjoy stunning images, on-demand video and live streaming NASA TV.

The added material highlighting the Launch Services Program is available now on the NASA App for iPhone and iPad, and is coming soon to Android.
Anna Heiney
NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center