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  • Apollo Command Module

    Using History to Design the Future

    05.17.07 - A space artifact from the past may hold an answer for tomorrow.

  • Kelvin Manning, manager of Orion for Kennedy

    Orion Ignites Manager's Dreams

    04.26.07 - After overseeing orbiters prior to launch, Kelvin Manning is using his expertise to get Kennedy ready for NASA's Orion capsule.

  • Center Director Bill Parsons addresses guests and attendees in the Operations and Checkout Building

    A New Beginning

    02.01.07 - Ceremony at Kennedy Space Center marks NASA's first step to prepare for a new era of space exploration.

  • Artistic rendering of crew vehicle launching.

    Gateway to the Stars

    10.26.06 - NASA's Constellation Program opens a new era of space exploration at Kennedy Space Center.

  • The west door of the Operations and Checkout Building is reopened.

    NASA Opens 'Door to Exploration'

    10.03.06 - After 20 years, the west high-bay door of an historic Kennedy Space Center facility reopens in anticipation of assembly work on the new Orion crew capsule.