From Jacksonville to Kennedy Space Center

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Distances and Directions

Map of Florida including Jacksonville and Kennedy Space Center
Directions From Jacksonville to Kennedy Space Center

Take Airport Road to I-95 South. Shortly thereafter, watch for the I-295 exit on the right (West) and take it south around downtown Jacksonville. South of Jacksonville, I-295 merges with I-95 and continues southward past St. Augustine and Daytona Beach. Exit I-95 at the second Titusville off-ramp (#79) onto SR50 and continue straight ahead for a short distance before turning right on SR405. Proceed on SR405 heading east for several miles until on your right you will see the KSC Badge and Identification Building and the entrance to Kennedy Space Center. If you arrive at any time past six hours before a launch, you will find a guard stationed at the gate (known as Gate #3) just past this site. If you do not have a car pass or other valid access authorization, you will not be allowed to enter the Space Center. If you are allowed to enter or this gate is not manned, continue past this building, over a draw bridge and continue east. In a few minutes, you will see the KSC Visitor Complex on your right. This is where bus tickets for launch viewing can be purchased and where tours, food, exhibits, movies, space-related memorabilia and other merchandise may be purchased after a launch or on non-launch days. If you have a car pass, continue straight ahead to the launch viewing site which is located on the Kennedy Space Center overlooking the Banana River.

Distance Chart
City Miles Kilometers
Atlanta, Georgia 408 657
Jacksonville, Florida 139 225
St. Augustine 102 163
Orlando, Florida 45 72
Tampa, Florida 135 216
Miami, Florida 209 335


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