Kennedy Space Center Story

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The Kennedy Space Center Story
1991 Edition
Compiled and written by NASA Public Affairs,
Kennedy Space Center, Fla.

Table of Contents

+ Introduction
+ Chapter 1:    Origins
+ Chapter 2:    Expendable Launch Vehicle Operations
+ Chapter 3:    Mercury and Gemini
+ Chapter 4:    Genesis of Apollo
+ Chapter 5:    Constructing the Spaceport
+ Chapter 6:    Disaster at Complex 34
+ Chapter 7:    Steps Toward Lunar Landing
+ Chapter 8:    Man on the Moon
+ Chapter 9:    Apollo Continues
+ Chapter 10:  Skylab
+ Chapter 11:  Apollo-Soyuz
+ Chapter 12:  Space Shuttle
+ Chapter 13:  Flight Testing the Space Shuttle
+ Chapter 14:  The Working Space Shuttle
+ Chapter 15:  Challenger: Setback and Recovery
+ Chapter 16:  Contractors at KSC
+ Chapter 17:  Technology Twice Used
+ Chapter 18:  Community, Public and Press
+ Chapter 19:  Facing the Future

"The technology, equipment and concepts developed during the early days of space exploration were the building blocks for an operational spaceport. We have broken the bonds of Earth and traveled into space and back on many occasions. Mercury, Gemini, Apollo ... America's space travelers have given new meaning to these names from Greek and Roman mythology. In this era of the Space Shuttle, the journey into space continues. These pages tell of the people and the programs responsible for creating a gateway to the solar system, and beyond..."