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Kennedy History Poster Gallery
1962 - 2012
Sample view of Kennedy 50th history poster.

Image above: Kennedy Space Center presents a series of posters celebrating the center's 50 years of space history.

These posters, created to honor the 50th anniversary of NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, can be downloaded below in their full printable size.

Dr. Kurt H. Debus, First Center Director at Kennedy (3.4MB PDF)

Kennedy Space Center Directors' Portraits (7MB PDF)

Kennedy Center Directors in Action (5.5MB PDF)

President Kennedy’s Visits to the Space Center (5.3MB PDF)

Other Presidential Visits (4.7MB PDF)

Construction of Launch Complex 39 (6MB PDF)

Construction of the Industrial Area (6.6MB PDF)

Project Mercury (6.9MB PDF)

Project Gemini (4.6MB PDF)

Apollo/Saturn Program Rocket (4.8MB PDF)

Apollo/Saturn Program Spacecraft (5.7MB PDF)

Apollo-Soyuz (2.3MB PDF)

Skylab/MIR (9MB PDF)

Launch Services Program Rockets (5.3MB PDF)

Launch Services Program Spacecraft (6.2MD PDF)

Launch Services Program Satellites (5.9MB PDF)

Space Shuttle Program (9.1MB PDF)

Space Shuttle Payloads (5.9MB PDF)

International Space Station (6.3MB PDF)

International Cooperation (6MB PDF)

Commercial Crew (5.4MB PDF)

Space Launch System/Orion (5.2MB PDF)

Visitor Complex (8.9MB PDF)